Vol 16, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

Successful innovation by motivation PDF
Petra Koudelková, František Milichovský 223-230
Vertical knowledge transfer in Czech organizations PDF
Hana Urbancová, Martina Fejfarová 231-242
Quality of medical services: problems, evaluation and regulation PDF
Farida Yerdavletova, Temirkhan Mukhambetov 243-251
Analysis and control of issues that delay pharmaceutical projects PDF
Nallam Sai Nandeswara Rao, Nasina Jigeesh 252-263
Influencing organisational culture by means of employee remuneration PDF
Katarína Stachová, Zdenko Stacho, Gabriela Pajtinková Bartáková 264-270
The role of institutions in economic performance PDF
Alise Vitola, Maija Senfelde 271-279
Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction of automated teller machine service: case study of a private commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam PDF
Chi Anh Phan, Phong Tuan Nham 280-289
Behavioural reactions of consumers to economic recession PDF
Katarína Valášková, Tomáš Klieštik 290-303
Factors that influence the success of small and medium enterprises in ICT: a case study from the Czech Republic PDF
Martin Krejcí, Wadim Strielkowski, Inna Čabelková 304-315
Corporate foresight at the strategic research institutes PDF
Anna Sacio-Szymańska, Adam Mazurkiewicz, Beata Poteralska 316-325
The viability of neural network for modeling the impact of individual job satisfiers on work commitment in Indian manufacturing unit PDF
Therasa Chandrasekar, Vijayabanu Chidambaram, Srinivasakumar Venkatraman, Vijayanand Venugopal 326-333
Creativity components in the innovative activity PDF
Irena Zabielavičienė 334-344

Business: Theory and Practice / Verslas: Teorija ir Praktika ISSN 1648-0627, eISSN 1822-4202
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